Large Language Models and Culture: Digital Theory Summer School II

Event Summary

Under the auspices of a Global Opportunity Grant, the Digital Theory Lab held a major conference on generative AI and large language models in June 2023 at the NYU Prague Site. The second “digital theory summer school” also included breakaway advising sessions for the PhdD students attending from NYU, King’s College London, and Stanford. 

Talks from our prestigious international affiliate group centered on the theory of large language models like ChatGPT. Sessions addressed whether these systems are best understood as digital or analog, what philosophy is appropriate to think through their consequences, and those consequences themselves, ranging from financial and labor systems to question of global culture, race, and others. The full schedule is included in this dossier. 

In addition to this larger discussion, we held three signature events. Xiachang Li of Stanford spoke about the history of engineering and data in the production of language-producing and – interpreting machines. The keynote was a sweeping history that contextualized the current moment of explosion of automated language. 

  • Date of Event: June 13-16, 2023