Abolition Humanities


Spring 2023 launch

The main goal of the Abolition Humanities Lab is to explore how the humanities can advance liberation and emancipation. Our H-Lab seeks to create alternative ways for academic and non-academic communities to co-produce research questions and collective forms of transformational change. One of the more challenging and exciting aspects of this H-Lab involves the development of a Humanities-based pedagogy centered on struggles against state violence. Our focus is not on stable textual production, but on lived experience and its accumulation in spaces, objects, images, and architectures that enmesh New York University with histories of legal and state violence. This material-orientation means centering questions of the observational and experiential in both the past and the present, the human and the nonhuman.

Lab Team

  • Valerie Forman
    Associate Professor, Gallatin School of Individualized Study 
  • Lenora Hanson
    Assistant Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Prita Meier
    Associate Professor, Department of Art History and The Institute of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts and Science