Consent Lab


Fall 2022 launch

The Consent H-Lab brings together arts practitioners and scholars from across disciplines and media at NYU (musicology, performance, visual arts, choreography, literature) to 1) take stock of the various grammars of consent operating on campus today, and 2) develop, test, and share experiential designs for social interaction within the university community. The work of the lab involves first orientating ourselves within NYU’s multiple (cultural, legal, discursive) frameworks of consent and then putting our methodologies together to devise new structures for engagement, integration, and play. Through year-long discussion, workshops, and project-based collaboration among faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, we assess and reimagine the current state of campus and, especially, of classroom dynamics. 

Lab Team

  • Brigid Cohen
    Associate Professor, Department of Music, Arts and Science
  • Nina Katchadourian
    Clinical Professor, Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • Wendy Anne Lee
    Associate Professor, Department of English, Arts and Science
  • Rosemary Quinn
    Arts Professor, Department of Drama, Tisch
  • Yue Yin
    Assistant Arts Professor, Tisch ITP