Books to Blockchain


Spring 2023 launch

The Books to Blockchain H-Lab investigates connections between early practices of organizing knowledge and newly invented ones, seeking a continuum from archives and catalogs to open data and digital ledgers, like blockchain. Our inquiry centers on enumeration and commensuration: ways of knowing by tabulation and comparison. We build on these connections to reimagine digital knowledge infrastructures centering art and humanities for interdisciplinary problem solving. Our collaboration navigates political and civic inclusion alongside economic property rights, and the resilience of humanistic and artistic value within these larger systems. 

Lab Team

  • Alicia Boyd
    Data Justice Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Interests Lab, Steinhardt
  • Nicole Contaxis
    Data Librarian and Lead of Data Discovery, Health Sciences Library, NYU Langone Health Health Sciences Library
  • R. Luke DuBois
    Associate Professor, Integrated Design & Media (IDM) / Media Technology, Tandon / Steinhardt / Tisch
  • Davi Liang
    Racial Equity Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Interests Lab, Steinhardt
  • Peri Shamsai
    Associate Adjunct Professor, Entertainment, Media and Technology, Stern School of Business
  • Anne L. Washington
    Assistant Professor of Data Policy, Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science and Humanities, Steinhardt