Esferas 14: cross/currents ~ contra/corrientes

Issue 14 | Spring 2023

What new knowledge and forms of agency can we gain when, as human beings shaped physically and intellectually by our “terrestrial habits of movement,” we agree to perform what Melody Jue terms a conceptual displacement (Thinking through Seawater) in order to think from, within and through the water? How can we dive “offshore” to develop a “map of what it means to be human in certain parts of the world” (Nadia Huggins) and understand, imagine and theorize otherwise our particular histories and environments? Issue 14 of Esferas, Cross / Currents ~ Contra / Corrientes, in partnership with NYU’s Cross/Currents H-Lab, seeks to answer these and other questions and works across disciplines to take water as essence, conduit and dynamic force, to build new vocabularies and to imagine new forms of theorization and agency.